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eCommerce Data Analysis

Rundman provides conversion research and UI efficiency validation. We love to crunch numbers and see how a change in the UI affects conversion rates. It is so great not to have to constantly guess or take wild guesses about how to improve user experience. As long as we have a high level understanding of the website, business, and the audience combined, it's possible to provide valuable insights into your customer data. As a result, you can determine what actions to take from there.
To generate relevant ideas, we need to have the data first. Upon evaluating it, we'll drill down into specifics and focus on:
- Functionality — testing the website from the perspective of business goals;
- Intuitive and user-friendly - in order to optimize the customer journey and create a great UX. Rundman will made your website intuitive and user-friendly.
- Information architecture (IA)- is really important to attract website visitors. Rundman need to identify the best way for them to navigate and find what they're looking for as easy and quickly as possible.
- UX design - Rundman examine if modern design practices are used on your website, according to the target audience's behavior.

Digital Analytics

Our digital analytics services can help you track users and find the most effective way to connect with them:
- Analytics configurations from the ground up in Google Analytics, and more;
- Review and reconfiguration of existing analytics solutions including audits and remediation to optimize to best practices;
- Change analytics platform to meet your business needs;
- Ongoing management, maintenance of tools, with day-to-day involvement to support and provide technical recommendations;
- Strategic reporting and dashboard support for weekly digital business analysis.

UX Research /CRO for Web & Mobile Apps

You can get more money from your existing customers. Rundman will tell you how:
- Work with existing data - before full-scale conversions optimization, Rundman make sure that you have everything monitored and measured by tracking goals, funnels, and event tracking setup;
- Conversion research will help us learn more about the customers and your website. We will generate conversion based A/B design suggestions and test them.
- When A/B testing, conversion path issues have been identified and implemented, it will increase the revenue of your store.

Increase Conversions Today

Every client that has been with us in the past year has achieved what they set out to do, even if it was something challenging. Rundman start with Data Tracking and Conversion Research to get a deeper understanding of the needs of your customers. Creating an initial A/B test for the landing can provide some useful insights into what solutions should be tweaked or improved.

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